Friday 24 May 2024
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What Are the Causes of Mold Development at Home?

What Are the Causes of Mold Development at Home?

Mold can develop and grow almost everywhere and very common place to see them are in your kitchen, bathroom, basement, cabinets and also near the pipe lines. Moisture is the key element that promotes growth of mold.

Visit at the website Valleydrc.Com in order to clean your premises, if it is affected by the presence of mold. Following are few of the common reasons of mold at home.

  • Persistent humidity

If the area where you live where humidity is always very high then mold will naturally grow in such place. They can grow on the wall, ceiling, kitchen bathroom etc.

  • Leaky pipes in your home

Leaky pipe is the most common reason for developing mold on the wall. In case, you detect mold anywhere on the wall then first thing that you must check is the pipeline.

  • Leaking roof

In case, your roof is damaged because of weather condition or various wear and tear then there can be build-up of mold sooner than later.

  • Build-up of condensation

Few homes can experience condensation build-up during winter due to various fluctuation in temperature. Few cold surfaces like metal piping, floor tiles, concrete surfaces and also brick walls may have mold.

  • Poor ventilation

Poorly ventilated home also attracts growth of mold due to stagnant air inside the home. So, you must open your windows for some time every day.

  • Damp and wet clothing

If you leave your wet clothes inside the washing machine for long time then over a period of time you will notice the mold growth.

  • Home flooding

If your house has ever suffered from sudden flood then it becomes one of the great reasons for development of mold growth. Usually after flood, it takes few days or sometimes weeks to get dried out completely.

This is very conducive for mold growth.

  • Damp basement

Since basements are usually below ground level, hence it is quite natural that basement will remain exposed to much higher moisture level. There will be greater presence of humidity, poor air circulation due to lack of ventilation.

  • Dampness in the foundation

If sloping of your house is such that water always remains around your home and does not drain out then it can create mold.

  • Leaking air-conditioning

Condensed water leaking out from air conditioner are also one typical cause of mold development.

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