Friday 23 February 2024
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Water Conditioner Vs Softener: Which One Is Right For You?

Water Conditioner Vs Softener: Which One Is Right For You?

Hard water in your home can have you scaling forms around the showerhead, drain, and faucets. Also, with hard water, soap does not just lather all the way when you shower. That is why you must take the right steps to deal with this issue. When you look up for options for hard water remediation, you are likely to come across water conditioning and water softening options. These systems can reduce the impacts of hard water in your home and on your plumbing system. However, which system is right for you? Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of water conditioner vs softener.

The Differences Between the Two Systems

A water softener is a system which utilizes a process of ionic exchange focused on pulling hard water minerals out of the water and replacing them with sodium ions. As the minerals are flushed to drain out of your home’s water system, your water supply becomes free of these minerals which cause hard water.

On the other hand, water conditioner can’t eliminate minerals from the water supply completely. Instead, it changes the water’s chemical structure to stop minerals from forming scale around fixtures and pipes. Although it’s not a true water softener, it is still a good option in a lot of homes.

When to Use a Water Softener

A water softener has a lot of benefits to give a homeowner who wants a solution for hard water and the many resulting issues. The system eradicates the majority of minerals in the water supply to make soft water. It decreases scaling in pipes, minimizes white or yellowish spots around drains and faucets, lets soap lather with ease, eliminates water spots in dishes, as well as lets you  use soap, dish soap, and detergent. A lot of homeowners prefer to install water softeners when they have been trying options to deal with hard water but could still fail.

Why People Use Water Conditioners

Although water conditioners that do not make use of salt can’t eliminate hardness from the water, a lot of people still use them. Since minerals are still present, you will need to deal with the same problems with water quality and lathering. But, salt-water free water also reduces pipe scaling, prevents water wastage, reduces spots around drains or faucets, costs less to install, and doesn’t require as much maintenance as water softeners. A lot of homeowners prefer water to feel a bit less slippery.