Friday 23 February 2024
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Tips for Buying Christmas Trees

Tips for Buying Christmas Trees

When you are thinking about buying Christmas trees, it will be easy to feel overwhelmed. There are a lot of choices out there, and they all seem beautiful. But they won’t all be the best ones for your unwrapping space. If you are ordering one in, you may not know that until it’s too late. Avoid that holiday trauma by doing your research with tools like Balsam Hill reviews and other reputable review sites.

Balsam Hill professional reviews, and reviews with other brands from consumers themselves will help you to whittle down the nice list of trees in no time. Use these tips when you are shopping.

Which is More Environmentally Friendly?

This is all about whether to get artificial or real. The choice is not just about what smells pretty anymore. Today, people even consider climate change when they are picking their holiday tree. Think about how long you had your last artificial tree, or how long the average person does.

Generally speaking, artificial trees last for a family over a decade. Some experts say that artificial trees will need to be used by a family for up to nine years before they will have a smaller environmental impact than real trees. If you have had an artificial tree for 10 years or more, you are consuming the greenest product for the holidays.


In one study, fire departments responded to over 160 home fires at Christmas over a four-year period, and the damage amounted to over $10 million and two fatalities. Take fire worries off of your Christmas list to some extent by investing in a fire-friendly tree.

You don’t have to lose the lights for this. Products that use PVC are the most fire-friendly, as PVC material is fire resistant. An added benefit to PVC trees is that the color can not fade. Your tree will always be the color you purchased it in. No tree is fireproof, but PVC trees are safer.

Get a Metal Stand

Whether you are purchasing real or artificial, make sure you get a metal stand. This is the one that will be the sturdiest. Plastic stands are easy, to put the tree up. They don’t seem so easy the rest of the season when you are always fiddling with them, or worse, resetting the tree.

Do Your Homework 

When you are purchasing your holiday tree this year, do your homework. Think of the most important things for your space, your family, and your comfort. If purchasing artificial, reviewing Balsam Hill reviews will help you to see from real people what makes a difference in your living space. Do your homework, and you’ll be loving your tree all season long.