Smart Doorbell: A Short History

Smart Doorbell: A Short History

The advances made in technology within the home security world have dramatically increased in pace over the last few years. Since the foundation of the Ring doorbell empire at the start of the 2010s we have seen an ever-increasing improvement in the market across myriad brands and models. There was a significant gap in the market when it came to front door security when talked about within an overarching home security conversation, and smart video doorbells have certainly improved the lives of those who have installed them.

First, think about your front door security and how it used to work. For many people the only way that you could bolster your front door security was to ensure that you had the strongest and sturdiest door possible, as well as the best front door locks for your property and needs. Being able to look out and see who was at your front door after it was knocked, or the doorbell was rung, was limited to spy holes and openings in the door itself, which both have limitations of course.

With the advent of smart doorbells there was suddenly a brand new way to look after the security of your home. Instead of having only one option to see who was at your front door – go down and open it! – there was now a way to see who was at your front door without having to fit a bulky, cumbersome CCTV unit above your front door.

Being able to see who is outside your front door, and be able to communicate with them without having to go to the door (usually through a simple to use app on your smartphone) changed the game in terms of home security systems and processes. Smart doorbells are easy to install, lightweight, and connect to other smart networks and products in the home. What this means is you have greater access, greater control, and greater flexibility over how you protect your home, even if you are not in the property when someone is lurking outside, or when a package is being delivered and you want to make sure it has been left somewhere safe.

Now, the market continues to improve and with companies such as ERA and their range of smart video doorbells, you are beginning to see slight improvements on a consistent basis that make a huge difference to the home security processes and effectiveness for homeowners. Finding a smart doorbell that fits your purposes is important, as is finding a supplier that has the experience and know-how to sit with you and discuss your specific needs and look at the correct type of smart doorbell that works for your situation, the right type of app that is simple to use, and the different approaches you can take in terms of live video feeds, recordings, and two-way audio. There are different choices available in smart video doorbell, and with the right support from a home security expert your life could significantly improve with the addition of a smart doorbell.