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Kitchen Design 101: Top Five Timeless Trends

Kitchen Design 101: Top Five Timeless Trends

When it comes to the house interiors, people try every way and every idea to enhance the aesthetics and magnificence of the area. Be it the bedroom or the living space, with properly planned decoration, one can completely change the look, albeit in a good way.

However, when it comes to kitchen design philadelphia, not everyone shows interest or eagerness to pick up themes or build storage areas. The primary reason for such lack of enthusiasm is mainly because most homeowners aren’t aware of designing a kitchen, what style to follow, the color palette combinations, etc.

If one doesn’t know about the latest kitchen trends, the interior will end up with an obsolete or dull-looking design. Hence, it’s everyone’s responsibility to know what sort of kitchen designs and styles are now in trend. At least with this knowledge, no one will have to live with the regret of not doing enough for the kitchen.

Monochrome shades

One of the timeless designs that will never go out of fashion is monochrome structures. The beautiful combination of black and white is something that can’t be surpassed by anything else. It’s mystic, enigmatic, and has a unique charisma. Some of the best monochromatic kitchen design ideas are:

  • Black under-counter cabinets with white marble backsplash
  • Checkerboard flooring with large accent tiles
  • Black kitchen counters with marble top blacking grey backsplash nestled in between off-white cabinets

Open shelving concept

The kitchen means having lots of storage cabinets and drawers to avoid clutters. Usually, these cabinets take up so much space that the entire area looks suffocating and claustrophobic. So, if a homeowner plans to expand the kitchen area or renovate it, choosing the open shelving concept will be of great help. Be it the corner shelving in stair forms or dis-arrayed wooden shelving with no boundaries. These structures will create an illusion of spaciousness in the kitchen. Also, one will be able to display several artefacts and precious dishware on these open shelves.

Natural tones and hues

Another amazing kitchen design Philadelphia that is in trend now is the introduction of natural tones and chrome hues. For example, interior designers are urging people to have wooden floorboards rather than having a marbled or tiled floor. These are not only eco-friendly but also gives a rustic charm to the entire space. One can also introduce a small herb kitchen garden or a window garden to bring in more freshness.

Artistic kitchen backsplash

For those who love painting and abstract art, this kitchen design idea will work the best. Now, anyone can transform the backsplash into an art wall with abstract painting or posters. However, for such a design, the rest of the kitchen area must have a chrome shade that will complement the art. After all, it is the artistic backsplash that will become the highlight of the kitchen.

Ambient kitchen lighting

The last idea for kitchen design philadelphia is the inclusion of ambient kitchen lighting. One will need the area illuminated just enough, neither too bright nor too dull. Several types of lights are there that can be included in a kitchen, like the pendant lights over the kitchen island, a rail light facing the cooktop, etc.


Designing and refurbishing a kitchen might sound daunting. But, if a person knows about the latest design trends, choosing a style and the décor theme wouldn’t be too difficult. With the above-mentioned timeless kitchen design trends, anyone can now give an evolved look to the kitchen area.