Friday 23 February 2024
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How to Transform Your Garden Into A Social Space

How to Transform Your Garden Into A Social Space

While the extent of our social distance begins to decrease and people once again return to their favourite shared social spaces, there remains a persistent hesitancy among many, prompting the need for new and less congested social spaces. One such space that has been invaluable over recent months, is the humble garden, a private outdoor area that has become one of the most sought after property assets among a booming housing market.

Aside from the mental health benefits of having regular and private access to a natural space as part of a home, gardens are also popular for their social potential, enabling homeowners to create a custom area, with various features, into a perfect environment to begin hosting others. If you are fortunate enough to have a garden space, even a relatively small one, and would like to know how best to approach designing and maintaining such a space, then we’ve got the tips just for you!

Ensure Practicality

A garden space, on its own, may seem like an appropriate space to socialise with friends and family. However, without the appropriate furniture, or the accommodations made to defend against the weather, you’ll likely soon find guests less enthusiastic to join you outside.

Firstly, consider the right garden furniture. Seating arrangements are important but, for longer periods, you may wish to also have a dining area, one that allows people to enjoy drinks and food outside too. This can prompt the need for parasols, to protect against both sun and rain, as well as wind blockers, such as trees, hedges, and fences, which will help to make your gatherings far more pleasant regardless of the weather.

Luxury Appeal

While there are few things more enjoyable than passing time with those you care for, activities and luxury are great sources of entertainment. Creating and outbuilding, such as a summer house or log cabin, has become a popular activity, not only as a source of year-round accommodation, but to be transformed into private bars and kitchens, cinema rooms, and even spare bedrooms.

Such an attraction doesn’t need to be a building either, with budding chefs building fire pits and pizza ovens, fitness fanatics creating outdoor workout spaces, and the more spiritual crowd transforming their gardens into relaxation and yoga spaces to enjoy with the local community. These are the reasons that both you and others will want to visit and spend long periods of time in your garden. Even something as simple as a ping-pong table can draw people in!

Encourage Education

We may think of gardens as a solely private space. However, as building communities becomes a more prevalent ideology, growing alongside a need for sustainability, neighbourhoods are pulling together to better connect with one another. This means there is a significant amount of gardens being used for community spaces, whether that is to grow and exchange food, host childcare spaces, or to teach workshops and share local skills.

So, while you may wish to enjoy your garden as a natural place of respite, one that enables you and your friends to relax together, there may be just as much value in allowing it to become a space that contributes to the wider community.