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How to prepare a domestic helper’s room properly

How to prepare a domestic helper’s room properly

When you have a full-time 護理員 or domestic worker, it is your responsibility to provide them with a good living quarters so that they can get enough rest at night after they have worked a long day. In fact, in countries like Singapore and places like Hong Kong, employers of foreign domestic workers are required by the law to provide accommodation for their employees. Not providing a good place for your worker to live can make them to terminate their contract prematurely and force you to look for someone else, which can waste your time and put you through unnecessary hassle.

If you are the type of person whose FDWs keep running from because of poor living arrangements, it may be more difficult to find an agency that is willing to take on your request when you need a replacement of your worker. Below is some insight to help you make proper preparations for your FDWs sleeping quarters.

Provide basic amenities

The place you provide your worker as a sleeping quarter should have more than just the bare minimal requirements. You should provide a good quality mattress to allow your worker to sleep comfortably at night. You can avoid additional cost by buying a mattress of good quality so that you don’t have to buy another one before the worker’s contract runs out. If you have a mattress that was used by your previous employees, then you can provide that to your new employee.

Besides a mattress, you should also provide a pillow, storage space, toiletries, bathroom amenities, and blankets. A storage space is important for the employee because they need a place to keep their personal belongings. Go for a clever storage solution to save on space if the room isn’t big enough.

Sufficient ventilation

It is so unfortunate that most people never think to provide their domestic workers with rooms that have windows for ventilation. This can be a problem because natural light is an important requirement. It helps someone to unwind when they are tire or just need to relax. You should also ensure that the room has good temperature by installing air conditioning system if necessary.

What you should never do

Some employers are fond of asking their workers to sleep on a sofa in the sitting room. This is very wrong on multiple levels beginning with a lack of privacy. Every adult individual is entitled to some privacy and they can’t have that in your sitting room. If there isn’t any other option, you should partition your sitting room so that you provide your worker with the privacy they need.

Another mistake that some employers make is to have their employers share a room with another adult or teenager of the opposite sex. That is not only inappropriate, but also against domestic helper accommodation requirements in most countries.

Lastly, no matter how much you don’t trust your helper, you should never install CCTV cameras in their sleeping or changing areas. That just violates their privacy and makes you a pervert.

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