Thursday 25 April 2024
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Do You Know About Various Government Rebate for Air Conditioners?

Do You Know About Various Government Rebate for Air Conditioners?

If you are living in Arizona area then you must try to know about various Government incentives offered to people for using air conditioners.

As we all know that buying a new air conditioner can always put strain on your budget and therefore there are offers of APS rebates and many other rebates by the government which is a welcome benefit.

Some of the incentives offered by the Government are as follows:

  • Tax credit 25C

Under this credit, taxpayers were given certain rebates during 2011 to 2013 which has been further extended. Under this scheme an individual was eligible to obtain almost $300 as refund.

  • Phoenix AC rebates

Both electric companies like APS and SRP will offer rebates if you qualify air conditioning upgrades as a home or business owners. Any of their newer systems will use almost 40% lesser energy as compared to older systems.

So, most electric companies will prefer that you upgrade your model, and then they will offer lots of rebates to make the cost of new system more affordable.

  • SRP rebate program

For higher ratings of SEER, there is SRP rebate program. You need to be a permanent customer of SRP in Arizona as single family.

  • APS rebate program

Similar program is also offered by APS too which is rebate up to $270 for replacement systems which have SEER more than 13. This system should be installed by contractor who is participating in APS replacement system.

Also, you have to be permanent APS customer in order to qualify.

  • Duct repair rebates

More rebates on duct repairs are offered by both electric companies of Arizona. By repairing your duct system, you will be contributing in fact as high as 30% of the energy costs in case if it is old, where there are too many leaks and has also too many bends.

By replacing it can help in improving the numbers on the energy bill. Also, it will help you to obtain a rebate of maximum $175 in case you will replace the duct system and also you upgrade the air conditioning system.

More information on this

You need to understand that all these rebate schemes may change with time. Some of the schemes may be extended further and also some of them can be stopped too.

You have to therefore keep track of various government announcements that you can also find on the website too.

You may also enquire from your electricity supplier to find out if any such schemes are presently available or not.