Thursday 25 February 2021
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3 Small Home Improvements That Have a Huge Impact

3 Small Home Improvements That Have a Huge Impact

As a homeowner, you probably have a list of things you’d like to do to improve your space. But since life is busy and time is fleeting, finding ways to maximize the results of the time you do have is important. If you’re considering making some changes, you might find the following three small-yet-mighty home improvement ideas are all the inspiration you need to get moving.

  1. Refresh the Bathroom

What’s great about bathroom upgrades is that you don’t need to do a full renovation to see big changes.

Swapping out your old sink for a new vanity could mean increased storage, a major cosmetic improvement or both. Making sure that your new faucet, drawer pulls and other hardware is cohesive throughout the room will ensure a clean look once it’s all finished. While you might feel comfortable doing some of this work yourself, be sure to research plumbing companies Geneva IL so that everything is installed and functioning properly.

Don’t forget about upgrading the mirror, creating a backsplash or adding a fresh coat of paint. Fresh towels, special hand soap or a plant will add softer touches to give the bathroom a homey feel.

  1. Make the Laundry Area More User-Friendly

When you picture your ideal laundry room, chances are you’re envisioning one that’s set up to make your job easier. Unfortunately, the laundry room is often a neglected space in many homes. The good news is that there are so many simple ways you can bring yours to its full potential.

Think about what would make your current laundry situation better. Better lighting? More space? More effective organization? Once you choose a starting point, your new room should come together very quickly.

  1. Show the Floors Some Love

The floors in your home stand up to a lot each day and will eventually begin to show signs of wear and tear. Thankfully, you have options outside of refinishing or replacing them, and all it takes is the right products, time and maybe a little elbow grease.

Getting into a regular routine of shampooing and vacuuming your carpets and rugs will keep them fresh while also creating a healthier environment for you and your family. Steam mopping and treating your hardwood, laminate or tile flooring will help to maintain clean surfaces while restoring their original glow. Don’t forget about little ways you can touch up nicks, scratches or chips as well.

By making small improvements to your home, you will quickly notice what a big impact they can have.